Longer Life

Lithium Batteries have a life expectancy of 3000-5000 cycles while lead acid batteries only last between 500 to 750 cycles.

Lighter Weight

Enjoy a smoother ride on your golf cart with Lithium batteries. They only weight 72lbs while lead acid batteries weight 325lbs. or more.

Faster Charge

What to use your cart without waiting for hours? Lithium batteries fully charge in 2 to 3 hours while lead acid batteries take 8 to 10 hours to fully charge.

No Maintenance

One of the many benefits of Lithium is that no water and no is required. Lead acid batteries require numerous service visits over the years while Lithium require none.

Lithium Lead Acid
Range 56Ah/60Ah: 20-30 miles; 105Ag/110Ah: 30-50 miles 15 to 20 Miles
Warranty 5 years by OEM, expected life of 8 years Trojan: 2 years; Others: 12 to 18 Months
Water No Water Must Water Regularly
Battery Cycle Life 5000+ Cycles; Lasts 5x as Long as Lead Acid 500-750 Cycles
Maintenance None Required Watering, Corrosion Clean Up, Monitoring 50% Discharge Limit
Battery Charging Speed Average 4-6hrs; Spot Charge Anytime 9 to 11 Hours
Eco Friendly Yes No
Weight 72lbs for Set of Lithium (1/4 the weight of lead acid); 300lbs lighter 325+lbs for one set of lead acid batteries
Max Usage Can use all of 90% Charge; Do Not Go to 0% Should not go below 50% of charge


While Lithium may seem more expensive at the onset, Lithium batteries will actually save you money in the long-term. They require no maintenance and will last many more years than lead acid. Your Lithium batteries will last for up to 10 years while you will have to purchase lead acid batteries again in just a few years.

Lithium Lead Acid
Annual Cost of Maintenance $0 $100/year
Years of No Battery Cost 5 to 10 Years 0
Additional Battery Maintenance Costs After Purchase (10 years) $0 $100/year (est.) x 10 years = $1000
Total Cost of Ownership Original Purchase and Install Price 2-4 battery replacements: $2K-5K + annual maintenance


Pros Cons
No Maintenance; No Worries Cannot go down to 10% before charging
Drive Farther Longer Lasting
Quicker Charge
No Dead Batteries for Snowbirds